The History Of Blackjack

One of the oldest card games known is blackjack. Unfortunately, it goes so far back that it is very hard to trace the true history of this gambling game, although it is believed that the game originated in the 17th Century, in France, and was called Vingt En Un, which translates to 21.

The game, 21, can be seen as a loose version of what is known today as blackjack. There were a few differences that have been lost over the years. The first, is the way that the bets were placed after each round, which is no longer used in today's version of blackjack. However, the end of the game is still the same, the object being to reach 21 without going over.

In fact, it was from this game that the term "blackjack" was started. When a Jack and an Ace of spades were in a hand, there was a special payout. This was the best hand that you could have in Vingt en Un and it was what everybody wanted to achieve. However, there was no "bust" term within this game.

By looking at other variations of the games we have found that the "bust" rule came from an Italian game. This game was called Seven and a Half and the aim of it is found in the title. The whole deck of cards was not used for this, it was only the face cards and the 7, 8 and 9 cards that were used. The numbered cards had a value of one while the face cards were worth a half and the King of Diamonds could be used as any card. If a player went over, they had to declare that they were bust - just like those who go over 21 do in blackjack.

The game of blackjack gained a lot of popularity when it was first introduced to the US. However, it was banned in the 19th century by the US government when gambling was outlawed. It was believed that gambling and drinking were the causes of a corrupt and crime filled society. Later, in 1931, the state of Nevada decided to legalize gambling and it was because of this that Las Vegas became famous for 24-hour gambling.

There have been studies of the statistics of blackjack in order to help budding gamblers and it was Roger Baldwin and some associates of his that were able to find methods to calculate the chance of winning so that the house did not. This was adapted over time and has now evolved into the counting cards method, which many places have banned to prevent the house from losing and having to pay out a lot of money.

The game has grown in popularity all over the world and can now be played on the Internet on gambling websites and it has proven to be very popular, just like its card counterpart, Poker.