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Poker Tells How Opponents Figure Your Moves Out

Poker tells form an integral part of the poker strategy as they can be used by players to discern their opponents’ frame of mind, and thus gain extra information about their card hand. This can be used to gauge whether they have a strong hand with good cards or a weak hand, whether they have any specific trump cards that may give them an edge over others and so on and so forth.

Poker tells can manifest in the form of physical responses to a new hand, clues, behavioral patterns, mannerisms and characteristic gestures. There are some common rules to the manners in which people behave which can help to “read” opponents. However it is important to remember that these assumptions are not always applicable and professionals in the field often master the art of giving false signals and purposely regarding in specific ways to fool their opponents. In this article we shall discuss two of the most common poker tells.

Anxious, nervous behavior is one of the most prominent tells in poker. People become nervous when they expect a bad hand or receive a set of cards that are less than favorable. .  This is perhaps less obvious when playing in an online casino. Anxiety at a bad hand can manifest in a number of tangible ways such as the throat becoming dry, the heart rate increasing significantly, the pupils of the eyes becoming dilated and a constant twitching of various body muscles.

Many a time players react to a specific hand by responding to them in subtle, yet noticeable physical ways. If the chest expands outwards in a grand manner it is often because the player has been dealt an impressive hand yet if the chest heaves in and out it can be because the player has received cards that might compromise his or her position. The pitch of the voice too is indicative of the level of anxiety being experienced by the individual. A suddenly high-pitched voice is an indicator of increased alarm and tenseness. Many expert players often fake anxiousness to appear nervous and bothered.

Paying close attention the eyes during a poker game is also imperative because the eyes often display some tells which are rarely ever wrong. Since the emotions flashing through the eyes are purely instinctive and not under muscular control, except in exceptional cases, it is hard to hide or disguise them. It is for this reason that many poker players choose to wear caps, visors and dark glasses while playing, in order to keep their opponents from inferring the strength of their hand from their emotions.

Top players often use this to their advantage by asking others in the game pointed and sometimes obtuse questions about their own hand because as the wisdom dictates, it is nearly impossible for people to lie while maintaining eye contact with another person. This way, the answers can either be decreed as true or false and the inferred information can be used to gauge the opponent’s hand. Some players are unable to mask their excitement at spectacular cards and keep staring at them repeatedly, their gaze often returning to and lingering on those specific cards longer than it does on others.

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